Same-Day Dental Implants in Syracuse, NY

Missing teeth profoundly impact our ability to speak clearly, smile proudly, and chew effectively. Fortunately, prompt replacement of missing teeth can give you your life back. While conventional dental implants are a reliable solution, it takes months—sometimes over a year—to complete the process. For many, this extended treatment timeline is a significant drawback for conventional implants. The prolonged process requires months of healing time, additional expenses, and a delay in achieving the desired restoration of both function and aesthetics. Modern solutions address these obstacles. With mini dental implant technology, we can offer same-day dental implants.

How Are Same-Day Dental Implants Possible?

Conventional dental implants are titanium devices that average 5 mm in diameter. They are made of multiple components: the screw, a separate connector piece called an abutment, and the artificial tooth or teeth. Because of the size and design of conventional dental implants, the process takes months to complete.

If the patient does not have adequate jawbone volume to hold the implant, they must undergo a bone grafting procedure to build up the bone first. Not only is this an added surgery, but it takes three to nine months of healing before the bone is strong enough to support the implant. Once the implant screw is surgically embedded in the jaw, the bone must fully heal before the implant is stable enough for a prosthetic. This takes several more months. Finally, the abutment is placed, and the artificial teeth are attached.

Same-Day Dental Implants in Syracuse, NYFortunately, advancements in implant technology have paved the way for more efficient dental solutions. Same-day dental implants are possible because of the mini dental implants used. Mini implants are half the size of conventional dental implants, with a diameter of less than 3 mm. Because of their narrow size, they are ideal for patients with narrow or weak jawbones.

Rarely is bone grafting needed for mini implant placement. Their design is also different, as they are just a single piece: the titanium post has a screw on the bottom and a built-in abutment on top. These features enable Dr. Bradford to place mini implants in one minimally invasive procedure. Additionally, because the implants are immediately stable, he can mount a temporary restoration on the same day, giving you a functional bite and complete smile in a single visit.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If you are seeking a reliable and efficient tooth replacement, mini dental implants may be right for you. Owing to their small size and minimally invasive procedure, mini implants are suitable for most people. However, an ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is in good overall health
  • Is committed to oral hygiene
  • Has stable oral health
  • Doesn’t smoke

While most people are eligible for same-day dental implants, Dr. Bradford will determine your eligibility during a complimentary consultation.

The Procedure for Same-Day Dental Implants

The process for getting same-day dental implants is streamlined and convenient.

Free Consultation

Dr. Bradford offers free, no-obligation consultations. Key features of these appointments include:

  • Discussion of concerns and goals: Dr. Bradford takes the time to understand your concerns and goals, discussing what you want to achieve with mini dental implants.
  • Free exam and CBCT scan: Dr. Bradford completes a thorough dental exam and takes a CBCT X-ray. This scan produces a 3D image that helps Dr. Bradford assess your bone structure.
  • Evaluation of bone condition and placement planning: Your CBCT scan allows Dr. Bradford to evaluate your bone level and determine if there is enough bone for the mini dental implants. The 3D image also helps him plan the precise placement of the implants.
  • Insurance and financing discussion: At your consultation, our team will assist you in determining whether your insurance policy covers dental implants or restorations. We will review fees and costs and explain the available financing options. By partnering with third-party financing companies, we help you get the best rates possible and find a payment plan that works with your monthly budget.
  • Personalized treatment plan: Based on your needs, goals, and preferences, Dr. Bradford will customize a treatment plan to restore your smile. This plan outlines the details of the same-day dental implant procedure and associated costs.

This detailed and informative consultation process reflects Dr. Bradford’s commitment to ensuring you are well-informed about your options so you can be confident in your oral healthcare.

Implant Placement and Temporary Restoration

The mini implant placement is an efficient procedure that begins with planning. As an experienced implant dentist, Dr. Bradford will plan your case meticulously, ensuring the implants will be placed perfectly in the jawbone.

Next, Dr. Bradford will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. The minimally invasive procedure does not require large incisions in the gum, unlike the procedure for conventional dental implants. Instead, Dr. Bradford will drill a small pilot hole through the gums into the jaw. He will then secure the implant, tightening it into place.

Because mini dental implants are immediately stable, Dr. Bradford will mount your temporary crown or bridge immediately. These same-day dental implants allow you to leave the office with a functional smile.

You’ll wear the temporary until your custom restoration is completed. Typically, it takes a dental lab about three weeks to fabricate these unique prosthetics.


When your final restoration is ready, Dr. Bradford will remove the temporary restoration and place the custom one. Once secure, you can look forward to enjoying all your favorite foods with no restrictions. Thanks to same-day mini dental implants, you can bite with newfound strength, chew effectively, and pronounce words clearly.

The Benefits of a Same-Day Smile

The advantages of same-day dental implants go beyond convenience. Additional benefits of mini implants include:

  • Quick recovery: The gentle procedure facilitates quick healing. Discomfort is similar to an ache and can be managed with an ice pack and Tylenol. In just one or two days, the discomfort dissipates completely. Same-day dental implants, therefore, allow you to resume your daily routines much more quickly than conventional implants.
  • Highly effective: Mini dental implants demonstrate high success rates equal to conventional implants, making them a reliable choice for those seeking efficient tooth replacement that doesn’t compromise quality.
  • Long-lasting and durable: Though slim, the titanium post of a mini implant is built to last for decades. Plus, the single-piece design eliminates spaces where bacteria can accumulate. Consistent brushing, flossing, and routine check-ups will help maintain your same-day dental implants.
  • Affordable: You might think that something so modern and convenient would come with a high cost. However, mini dental implants are typically half the cost of conventional dental implants. The efficient procedure, simple implant design, and fewer visits required reduce expenses substantially.

Regain Your Smile With Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day dental implants are possible at the Mini Dental Implant Center of America in Syracuse, NY. Dr. Bradford is an experienced dental professional, having practiced dentistry for over 25 years. As a pioneer in the field of implantology, Dr. Bradford has skillfully placed mini dental implants since 2006. Over these past 17 years, he has witnessed how mini implants can transform lives.

As a Mini Dental Implant Center of America, you can trust that you are getting the best possible experience. With state-of-the-art technology and an expert team of practitioners, you’ll know that your journey toward a more confident smile is guided by precision, experience, and innovation.

If you are ready to learn more about same-day dental implants, contact us today to book your free consultation.