What If I’m Missing Multiple Teeth?

In the following video, Brent Bradford, DDS, explains how we are able to use miniature dental implants to replace sections or entire rows of missing teeth.

For patients missing multiple teeth, our approach begins with a thorough examination of the affected area to ensure that the gum tissue is in good health. Following this, we use Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to acquire a detailed 3D image of the jawbone.

This advanced imaging technique allows us to assess the bone structure and plan precisely where and how many implants are necessary to optimally support the dental restoration. In such cases, I recommend considering the placement of implants with a multi-unit bridge to fill the gap. This option is preferable to a long-span traditional bridge, which requires altering the teeth adjacent to the gap for support.

Our goal is to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, so avoiding the need to cut down healthy teeth for bridge anchors is ideal. Please reach out to us to schedule an examination. We’ll discuss your specific situation and explore the best options to restore your smile with the least impact on your remaining teeth.

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Dr. Brent Bradford

Dr. Brent A. Bradford welcomes you to his general and family dental practice located in the North Medical Center in Liverpool, New York. Dr. Bradford takes an interest in the impact that oral health can have on the overall health of his patients, in addition to helping them maintain or achieve a feeling of self-confidence related to their teeth and smile.

Dr. Bradford particularly enjoys helping patients in the areas of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. His aesthetic work includes bleaching, bonding and veneers. His restorative dentistry goes beyond crown and bridge work to include the innovative mini dental implants.

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