Exploring ClearChoice Alternatives: The Advantages of Mini Implants

ClearChoice Alternatives in Syracuse, NY | Mini Dental Implants

Shoppers tend to fall into one of two categories: impulse buyers and those who shop around. The impulse buyers enjoy their new purchases immediately but often find themselves wishing they had done more research. If you’re a careful shopper who compares pros and cons and looks at multiple options before making a decision, then you’ll likely do the same when it comes to your dental care. A ClearChoice Dental Implant Center is often mentioned when looking to replace missing teeth, thanks to its national presence. However, if you look at some alternatives, you’ll see the advantages of choosing a Mini Dental Implant Center of America (MDICA) over ClearChoice for your treatment.

The Limitations of the ClearChoice System

ClearChoice Alternatives in Syracuse, NY | Mini Dental ImplantsClearChoice markets itself as a “one-stop shop” for replacing teeth with dental implants. It advertises the convenience of having everything you need under one roof to complete the process from beginning to end. While all that may be true and sound nice on the surface, their business model comes with limitations.

First, ClearChoice only uses traditional dental implants, an older, larger, more invasive version of implants. Traditional implants may require a bone graft before placement, and the entire process takes 3 to 12 months to heal. You’ll be on a soft food diet during that period and won’t receive your final restorations until everything is healed. That hardly seems like the “just one day” that ClearChoice advertises.

Second, choosing a larger corporate entity for your dental restoration may make you feel like a cog in a bigger system rather than a patient receiving a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Brent Bradford and his staff will customize your treatment plan during your free consultation. We’ll consider your dental needs and preferences to design a treatment plan just for you.

Finally, ClearChoice isn’t able to offer any other dental treatments besides tooth replacement. At the MDICA Syracuse, we want to create long-lasting relationships with our patients. We hope to see you back for regular checkups and to be the dental office you and your family trust for all your restorative dental needs.

ClearChoice Alternatives: Why Choose Mini Implants?

One major advantage MDICA has over ClearChoice is using mini dental implants for tooth replacement. Mini implants are smaller versions of traditional implants that are just as strong and durable thanks to their single-piece titanium design. We can place them with a much less invasive technique that doesn’t require incisions, stitches, or lengthy healing times. In fact, mini implants can be placed in about 15 minutes and are ready to load with new teeth immediately. It takes them only three weeks to fully fuse with your jawbone, and afterward, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again with your brand-new set of teeth. And because the entire timeline is shorter from placement to healing, mini implants are much more affordable than traditional implants.

As the MDICA in Syracuse, NY, we’re proud to specialize in using mini implants for many of our restorative treatments. We can use mini implants to replace one tooth with a dental crown, a couple of teeth with an implant-supported bridge, and all your teeth with an implant denture. Another popular utilization of mini implants is to help stabilize a loose denture. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or an entire arch, mini implants can make the process faster, simpler, more comfortable, and less expensive.

The Hidden Benefits of Mini Implants

Aside from the benefits listed above, mini implants offer numerous advantages over the traditional implants used by ClearChoice. Mini implants will:

  • Minimize discomfort: Because mini dental implants require a less invasive procedure, they typically result in less pain and quicker healing than traditional implants. This makes them a better choice for many patients, especially those who might be apprehensive about extensive surgical procedures. After the procedure, most patients report mild discomfort and return to their normal activities within a few days.
  • Offer convenience: We can complete the mini implant placement procedure in fewer visits than traditional implants. This convenience makes them attractive for patients looking to improve dental health and functionality without multiple lengthy appointments.
  • Increase accessibility: Mini implants are a viable option for patients with insufficient bone density to support traditional implants since they require less bone for placement. This versatility and affordability make them accessible to a wider range of patients who need dental restoration.

For ClearChoice Alternatives, Choose MDICA

When searching for ways to replace your missing teeth, choose a practice that will provide a better product for a more affordable price with the personalized service that national chains just can’t offer. Call Dr. Brent Bradford today to schedule a free consultation. Let our team show you the alternatives to ClearChoice and how mini dental implants can transform your life.

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