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Usually, when a newer product is cheaper than the older version, that can mean one of two things. Either the newer version is made from flimsier materials or offers less functionality than the older model. While that age-old consumer common sense is often right, it simply doesn’t apply to mini dental implants. This innovative implant technology offers more benefits for a lower price than traditional implants. Although the cost of a mini implant is nearly half the cost of its larger predecessor, it maintains the same high durability and equivalent success rates.

Mini Implant Cost and Advantages

Mini dental implantsMini Implant Cost in Syracuse, NY | Affordable Dentist | Dr Bradford offer an innovative solution in dental restoration, providing numerous benefits that cater to patients’ unique needs and preferences. These toothpick-sized implants boast several advantages over conventional implants, making them appealing to those seeking efficient and effective dental restorations.

Smaller Size

Let’s start with the name—mini implants are smaller than traditional ones. But how much smaller? They’re less than half the size of the older model, coming in at less than 3 mm wide. That’s the size of a crayon tip compared to a pencil eraser. This allows mini implants to be an option for patients who are ineligible for conventional implants. They can be placed into tighter spaces, making them an option for patients with low jawbone density.

If you think this smaller size means they’re not as strong, think again. Mini implants are made of a powerful titanium alloy that can stand up to the daily rigors of life. They also feature a single-piece design rather than the two-piece design of conventional implants. This means that mini implants don’t give bacteria any nooks and crannies to gather and multiply. As a result, mini implants help prevent a condition called “peri-implantitis,” which is a loss of bone around the implant.

Mini implants provide the same strength as conventional implants, with half the size and even more benefits.

Much Faster, Less Invasive Placement

The traditional implant placement process takes several months to complete. It takes 3-6 months just for the titanium to fuse fully with the bone—known as osseointegration—and could take up to a year. That timeframe doesn’t even include bone grafting, which is often needed for larger traditional implants. Healing from this extra surgery adds months to the timeline. Then, the procedure itself involves cutting open and pulling back the gums, inserting the implant, and then closing up the tissue with stitches. Because it is more invasive, healing time takes longer, too.

On the other hand, the mini implant process costs much less in terms of time. Mini implants can be placed in a single visit, requiring only a small pilot hole without incisions or stitching. You can walk in for your appointment in the morning and leave shortly after with a new set of immediately usable teeth. The streamlined profile of mini implants also eliminates the need for bone grafts in most cases, making them a great option for patients with reduced jawbone density.

Quicker Recovery

Thanks to Dr. Bradford’s minimally invasive placement technique, you can expect a shorter recovery with mini implants. Discomfort is typically minimal and diminishes in about 24-48 hours. Plus, unlike conventional implants, mini implants don’t require total osseointegration before they can support a final restoration. Instead, your custom-made crown, bridge, or denture can be affixed to the mini implants as soon as the dental lab has finished creating it!

Less Time Required, Less Mini Implant Cost

So, where exactly do all the savings come from with mini implants? Just look at the placement and recovery process. Traditional implants require a much longer process, including multiple visits to the dentist, while mini implants can accomplish nearly everything on the same day. All those extra appointments for conventional implants add up to additional expenses. Thanks to their efficient process, mini implants are significantly more affordable.

The extra time involved with conventional dental implants is another aspect that comes with its own set of costs. Think of all you could do in those 3-12 months when you’re just waiting to complete your traditional dental implant procedure. That’s a lot of time to regain your lost lifestyle and make new memories with a full set of sturdy teeth. Mini implants allow you to return to the lifestyle you remember without delay.

Learn More About the Cost of Mini Implants Today

Mini dental implants offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional implants. With so many advantages, you may wonder what your next step is. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bradford. At this initial visit, he will examine your teeth and take digital X-rays to design your personalized treatment plan. Our staff will also take the time to discuss insurance and financing options.

Opting for mini implants offers a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional dental implants, making it easier to transform your life. Don’t miss out on the benefits—give us a call and embark on your journey toward a healthy and functional smile.

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