Denture Stabilization Prevents Embarrassing Slips and Slides

Denture Stabilization in Syracuse, NY | Mini Implants | Dr. Bradford

Think of every time you can recall seeing dentures or hearing them mentioned in movies or TV. Go on, really think about it. Did you envision a character crying tears of joy because of the life-changing blessing of getting dentures? Or, did you imagine a moment when someone was laughed at because of a problem with their dentures? We’re guessing the latter. Without denture stabilization, embarrassing slips are commonplace.

Traditional dentures often put wearers in frustrating situations, and sitcoms love to showcase this unfortunate reality. A character puts in the wrong set of teeth by accident. Another startles a friend by not having their dentures in. The protagonist suffers an embarrassing moment when their false teeth fall out at the dinner table. Some might see these jokes as gentle fun or a poke in the ribs. But if you’re one of the 41 million Americans relying on dentures, these TV incidents highlight the everyday struggles and frustrations of conventional denture wear.

The good news is that there is a way to ensure none of these situations happen to you. With mini dental implants, denture stabilization is a reality.

What Is Denture Stabilization?

Denture Stabilization in Syracuse, NY | Mini Implants | Dr. BradfordDenture stabilization provides newfound security for full arch dental appliances. This process relies on mini dental implants to hold a set of implant dentures in place. The stability of old-fashioned, traditional dentures depends on the tight connection between the dental prosthetic and your gumline. Over time, this connection grows weaker as the shape of your gumline changes and your dentures undergo normal wear and tear. Eventually, the denture becomes more difficult to hold in place and more likely to slip out at the most inopportune time. This can be mitigated to a certain extent with messy adhesives or extra steps like soaking your dentures in warm water, but these are only stopgaps.

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Firmly attaching the appliance to something fixed is the only way to get your dentures to stop moving altogether. In this case, that something is mini dental implants. By connecting a set of artificial teeth to implants in the jawbone, we can achieve denture stability.

Types of Implant Dentures

There are three main types of implant dentures. In order of increasing stability, they are:

  1. Implant-retained overdentures: These are sometimes known as “snap-on” dentures because they are removed for cleaning and maintenance. The closest in look and feel to traditional dentures, overdentures use 4-8 mini implants to enhance the denture’s security. In specific cases, we can convert your existing traditional dentures into snap-on dentures, but several conditions must be met first. Dr. Bradford will give your dentures a closer look at your free consultation.
  2. Semi-removable roundhouse bridge: A roundhouse bridge serves the same purpose as a denture. However, this full-arch restoration is made from zirconia, the hardest dental replacement material available. It uses 6-10 mini implants to provide more stability and bite power. It’s “semi-removable” because only an experienced implant dentist like Dr. Bradford can remove the bridge for professional cleaning. This system, sometimes called Fix-on-Six®, is a modern alternative to the All-on-4® system.
  3. Non-removable roundhouse bridge: This permanently cemented zirconia bridge uses 10-12 mini implants to provide the best outcomes regarding look, feel, and functionality. This is the closest approximation of real teeth on the market today. Because a roundhouse bridge eliminates the need for bulky pink acrylic gums, you’ll be able to taste all your favorite foods again. And, with the added implants, you can take solace in knowing that your teeth won’t budge.
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Each of these implant denture options offers far more denture stabilization and functions more like natural teeth than traditional dentures. If that’s your goal, you can’t go wrong with implant dentures.

The Cost of Denture Stabilization

Implant dentures may cost more upfront but save you money and time in the long run as they do not require continuous readjustments. Even still, Dr. Bradford believes that high-quality dental care should be available to all. At your free consultation, our experienced staff will take the time to sit down with you and review your insurance plan so you understand exactly what’s covered.

If you’d like to explore financing options for out-of-pocket costs, we will help you find the best plan for you. We partner with multiple lending companies to give you the most competitive rates. We’ll also do a soft credit check—this won’t impact your credit score but will give you a better idea of what financing plans are available for you. Ultimately, we believe that financial limitations shouldn’t get in the way of oral healthcare that improves your quality of life.

Start Your Journey Today

Nobody wants to go through life living in fear. The anxiety of potential denture mishaps, especially at inconvenient times, can add significant stress to your life and may even prevent you from doing the things you love with the people you love. With innovative mini dental implants, denture stabilization is possible!

Don’t let loose dentures stand in your way any longer. Contact the Mini Implant Center of America in Syracuse, NY, to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bradford. Take the first step on this transformative journey today!

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