Overdentures in Syracuse, NY: Convenient Implant Solutions

Overdentures in Syracuse, NY | Snap-On Dentures | Mini Implants

In Syracuse, NY, complete tooth loss, or edentulism, affects a significant portion of the population, especially those over 65. Severe tooth loss has detrimental effects on your oral health and your overall quality of life. While traditional dentures have been a longstanding remedy for edentulism, advancements in dental technologies have given us a superior modern alternative: overdentures, anchored by mini dental implants. If you are interested in the implant overdentures offered at our Syracuse, NY practice, keep reading to learn more!

The Issue With Traditional Dentures

Overdentures in Syracuse, NY | Snap-On Dentures | Mini ImplantsThe traditional dentures we’ve used for decades provide a complete smile and restore some chewing power. However, this older, less adaptable technology has many flaws. Their bulky size gives them an unnatural look and feel, and their frequent removal leaves them vulnerable to damage and loss. On top of this, traditional dentures don’t help maintain jawbone health, which means that, over time, they lose their fit and begin to move around in your mouth. Eventually, you must get them relined or suffer from floating dentures, which can slip or fall out unexpectedly. Conventional dentures lack a solid, unchanging foundation. Dental implants provide exactly that.

What Are Implant Overdentures?

Overdentures represent a leap forward in dental prosthetic design, utilizing mini dental implants to anchor false teeth directly into the jawbone.

Implant dentures come in various forms, including removable, semi-removable, and permanently fixed options. They offer a far more stable and natural-feeling solution than traditional dentures, which rest solely on the gums. This stability means enhanced biting power, allowing you to enjoy a broader range of foods without the hassle of adhesives or frequent adjustments.

The Benefits of Overdentures in Syracuse

Overdentures in Syracuse, NY | Snap-On Dentures | Mini ImplantsOverdentures offer all the benefits of traditional dentures, only with increased stability. They bring back your smile and make eating and speaking more carefree. The mini implants holding your teeth in place allow you to bite into your favorite foods, like raw vegetables, a thick steak, or a chewy dessert, which may have been difficult with traditional dentures.

Beyond improving smiles and anchoring your teeth, overdentures provide substantial long-term oral health benefits. Traditional dentures replace only the teeth, not their roots. The mini dental implants in overdentures act as replacement roots, stimulating the jawbone and preventing its deterioration, thus maintaining both jawbone health and facial structure. By filling the empty tooth socket, implants also prevent any remaining teeth from shifting and can more evenly distribute bite force throughout the mouth, preventing uneven pressure.

Overdentures and Other Options in Syracuse

The Mini Dental Implant Center of America in Syracuse, NY, offers a range of denture options tailored to meet diverse needs and budgets:

  1. Snap-on overdentures: These implant-retained dentures provide enhanced stability with the convenience of removability. They attach to 4-8 mini implants but can still be taken out for cleaning. They look similar to traditional dentures but require less artificial gum material, thanks to the added stability from the implants.
  2. Semi-removable roundhouse dentures: Often known as the Fix-on-Six® system, this is an alternative to the All-on-4® method (which uses the older, larger implants). This approach increases stability via 6-10 mini implants. This type of denture remains in place at home but can be removed by an experienced dentist like Dr. Bradford for professional cleaning.
  3. Non-removable roundhouse dentures: Offering the highest level of stability and durability, these dentures are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Cemented onto 10-12 mini dental implants, they deliver unmatched security and functionality.

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants streamline the entire overdenture process. Their minimally invasive placement, requiring just a tiny pilot hole, makes the procedure more comfortable and efficient than traditional implants. We can generally attach your custom dentures to mini implants on the same day they’re placed, providing immediate results. Most patients experience swift recovery, with any slight discomfort typically resolving within 48 hours.

With so many benefits, you may be concerned about the price. But we have good news. Mini implants are generally more affordable than traditional implants because they use less material, require fewer appointments, and involve a less complex procedure.

Try Overdentures in Syracuse for a Revitalized Smile

If you’re in the Syracuse area and contending with the challenges of traditional dentures or facing complete tooth loss, consider the benefits of overdentures. These advanced dental solutions offer a robust, secure, and cost-effective way to restore missing teeth and improve your quality of life.

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bradford. Discover how overdentures, supported by mini dental implants, can renew your smile!

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