How Do I Care For My Implant Dentures?

In the following video, Brent Bradford, DDS, explains the best practices in caring for your implant-supported denture, assuring its longevity and function.

Caring for your dentures, especially when they are implant-retained, is important for both oral health and the longevity of the dentures themselves. You should remove your dentures every night to give your gums a rest and to maintain good oral hygiene.

It’s also advisable to remove and rinse your dentures after eating to clear away any food particles. Rinsing the denture and your mouth thoroughly helps prevent any food debris from building up on the denture or around your gum tissue.

Additionally, you should brush around your implants with a toothbrush to keep the surrounding tissue and gums healthy, which in turn helps to maintain the health of the implants.

When you receive your dentures from us, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for them and the proper technique for removing them. Please contact us to schedule an evaluation of your denture needs. We’re here to help you with the care and maintenance of your implant-retained dentures.

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Dr. Brent Bradford

Dr. Brent A. Bradford welcomes you to his general and family dental practice located in the North Medical Center in Liverpool, New York. Dr. Bradford takes an interest in the impact that oral health can have on the overall health of his patients, in addition to helping them maintain or achieve a feeling of self-confidence related to their teeth and smile.

Dr. Bradford particularly enjoys helping patients in the areas of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. His aesthetic work includes bleaching, bonding and veneers. His restorative dentistry goes beyond crown and bridge work to include the innovative mini dental implants.

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