What Is a CBCT?

In the following video, Brent Bradford, DDS, discusses the cone beam CT machine and how it allows us to determine if a patient has sifficient bone to receive a dental implant.

During your complimentary consultation at our office, we will utilize a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scan to capture a three-dimensional image of your jaw and bone structure. This advanced imaging technique is invaluable for precise implant placement, as it reveals the width and height of your bone, as well as the location of crucial anatomical structures like nerves, ensuring that these areas are avoided during the procedure.

The modern CT scanner we use is designed to emit ultra-low levels of radiation, minimizing your exposure while still providing us with the high-quality images necessary for meticulous implant planning. We invite you to visit us for this free consultation. We will conduct the CBCT scan and then review the images with you. It’s often quite enlightening for patients to see the detailed scan of their jaw and understand the care and precision that go into planning their dental implant procedure. Please give us a call to schedule your visit and take the first step towards your dental restoration.


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Dr. Brent Bradford

Dr. Brent A. Bradford welcomes you to his general and family dental practice located in the North Medical Center in Liverpool, New York. Dr. Bradford takes an interest in the impact that oral health can have on the overall health of his patients, in addition to helping them maintain or achieve a feeling of self-confidence related to their teeth and smile.

Dr. Bradford particularly enjoys helping patients in the areas of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. His aesthetic work includes bleaching, bonding and veneers. His restorative dentistry goes beyond crown and bridge work to include the innovative mini dental implants.

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